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Noahs Art

„Every child is an artist. The only problem is remaining one while you grow up.” Pablo Picasso put it in a nutshell what is clear to all those who spend a lot of time with children; Children are creative, full of ideas and have fun experimenting with materials, colors and shapes. The 4-year-old Noah Jai Feininger has shown such a great talent for experimenting that his mother realized this has to be shared on real canvas! In the meantime, so many artworks have now been created that “The Little Feininger ” can host his own art exhibition.
It all started on his first birthday. It was something very special because Noah had to do without many nice and normal things during his first year of life. He had the first of his three serious surgery operations at the age of only five weeks old. What followed was a hard year full of worries and social distancing; no toddler groups, baby massage classes or even baby swimming. No “normal” toddler life. He could not get any sickness or it could be fatal. On his first birthday his first canvas was created. Noah painted it with his hands and feet, using different brushes and tried out different spray techniques.

(Feininger was a very famous Artist in Germany and his son was a famous photographer; Diane’s Father is also an Artist and Diane is a Graphic Designer) As the last name already reveals, the Feininger home is a house full of art. Various works of art, pictures, books and crazy colors are to be found throughout this graphic artists household. Noah Jai has definitely taken advantage of this stimulating and nurturing environment. In the meantime he has created over 50 painted canvases. Even lampshades, bags and clothes are printed now with his art. There was an art exhibition “The Little Feininger” planned on 26 April in the Wörner Castle Prichsenstadt at 2:30 PM but because of the current situation we decided to have this art exhibition next year in march. We keep you updated. If you are interested in Noahs art, please write an email at

Noahs Artwork
Noahs Artwork


After some time I had the idea to have his art printed on cushion pillows and also different types of lampshades. Noah really liked it and said, “Mom, I painted all that!”
But when I showed him some mobile phone covers with his canvas paintings printed on them he was blown away. “Mummy, I’m an artist – that’s mine!” he beamed at me with those big, baby blue eyes.
“Everyone can see that now!” he said proudly. I was even prouder! The idea of N-Jai was born.
If you are interested please don’t hesitate to contact me

Enjoy your N-Jai!

Monster Monali

Monaly was created one evening when Noah saw a monster on top of the hutch. “Mom, there’s a monster on top of the closet”. I thought to myself “Oh dear, here it comes… My child is afraid of monsters”. When I told him there was no monster, he said “Oh, Mommy, there’s a monster Monaly!”

So I thought I would tell him a story about a nice Monster Monaly.

That’s how Monster Monali came alive.
Every night, Noah asked me if I could tell him more about Monster Monaly and her adventures. Without that much effort the stories came rushing out of me. After a while I wrote everything down and a cute children’s book was born. It is currently being illustrated and it will be finished soon. If interested I will let you know when it is available and where it can be purchased.

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